Serial Winger

Like most people, I embarked on adulthood with a plan. Then life came along to remind me how silly most plans are. Life is random and both goes along with, and defies our plans. Like billions of others like me, I've learned this at the sharp end of life. But I am learning to live with it. So let's do what humans are good at and communicarte with one another to make sense of this aspect of life.

Once upon a time... er, … It was a dark and stormy night… , er, wait a minute! I may be naïve but my instinct is that it is not the first clause of the first sentence that truly matters in this case. This is a story about life, my life, and maybe in some cases, your life too. If it is, then maybe we can help each other out along the way. Such a thing ought not to hang on just those first few words. Instead, it will unfold -- just like a life should. Continue reading Where to begin?